Ministry of Foreign Affairs of The Netherlands – ORCHESTRATING SYSTEMS IN THE VISA PROCESS

Governmental processes are usually not most simple ones, in order to comply with all different rules and regulations a process quickly turns out in a complex landscape. The visa process at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not any different. A seriously important process where mistakes can lead to huge problems to the national security of a country.

For this visa process, we orchestrated the end to end process by introducing Bizagi BPMS.

The challenge

How to keep the overview in a complex process that requires interaction with a lot of different internal and external services and systems? And how to keep the process flexible for change? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs needed a way to connect all these systems together in a way that allows the business to monitor the end to end process and that enables their employees to act on failure on a centralised place.

The solution

We introduced Bizagi BPMS, which we implemented as an orchestrator between the different services and systems. Using Bizagi made it possible to create flexible integrations without affecting the existing systems.


· There is an end to end view of the process, even though activities are being executed by many different systems.

· Even non-developers can locate problems and act on it.

· It makes it easy to analyse the performances of the process and to detect the bottlenecks, since Bizagi registers the execution time of every action in the process.

· The services and systems just have to do their job, they don’t need to have knowledge about the other systems involved or about the order that specific actions have to take place, this is all managed by Bizagi.

· Changing the process order or replacing a system that is outdated can easily be achieved with the drag and drop and low code functionalities in Bizagi, without affecting the end to end performances.

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