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Tools powered by innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), blockchain, and automation have brought in exceeding levels of operational efficiency and vastly improved products and services while also helping with market expansion. This is the kind of strength enterprises will need to not just ride out an economic slowdown, but grow while at it, and a technology platform with automated capabilities will best deliver that strength.


While reversing the slowdown of economy will need concerted efforts of leading stakeholders over a considerable period of time, its impact on enterprises can be lightened with the use of next-gen technologies. A business, be it a grassroots startup or legacy enterprise, facing weak demand during an crisis, can cut operational expenses, improve margins and explore previously untapped income by better-employing data and resources with tools featuring AI, IoT and hyper automation skills.

There are many companies from across industries that have already adopted next-gen tools to future proof their businesses. FMCG major Unilever, for instance, is employing AI, IoT and data analytics to gain valuable business insights. Similarly, shipping company Transworld Group, logistics firm Safexpress, healthcare chain Apollo Hospitals, leading NGO Save the Children Fund, among others, have embraced next-gen tools as delivered on a modern technology platform to great successes. Needless to say, when big and small businesses strengthen their finances, it boosts the health of the overall economy.


With advanced insights into hyperlocal markets as well as regional concerns, applications powered by tools like AI, IoT, blockchain, and automation are offering enterprises new. Today, businesses are breaking into uncharted territories with hopes of bagging new customers by tapping into big data, a huge mobile user base, and a rapidly growing social media population.

Helping companies seamlessly employ these resources is cloud computing that has enabled curated innovation, quick deployment, and on-demand scalability at encouraging costs, all the while providing strong security. With leading data analytics and predictive insights, the cloud is making enterprises in India more intuitive, a skill needed to face the current crisis.

Taking the proficiencies further, a next-generation cloud, featuring autonomous precision, advanced security, easy portability, and round-the-clock availability, has allowed an enterprise to achieve the most with the least. This has shortened the time taken by an enterprise to record positive income.

High performance at the lowest cost has meant that enterprises of every size will be able to deploy next-gen technologies on a modern cloud - this will allow enterprises to thrive in the current market. As interactions between Indian and international economies pick up the pace and technologies further evolve and converge, a next-gen cloud will provide enterprises with the growth they desire.

Beyond just surviving an unforeseen crisis, a modern cloud will empower enterprises to prosper in uncertain times with the most efficient deployment of next-gen technologies.

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